Your SMT assembly service partner

why us?

L-Technology has its own high-tech factory offering its customers with the highest quality of service.

We solve complex tasks of clients on assurance of assembly of finished products, we carry out SMD and DIP installation of any complexity. Great work experience allows us to fulfill orders in a high-quality and on time.

A team of experienced highly skilled employees at every stage of production. We are sure that there are no trifles in production.



We offer direct communications and information about progress in development, because communication is key to develop tailored products for you!


We offer only the best quality PCB aassemby service and desing, which are optimized, quality tested and fail-proof! You won't have to worry about problems with our products!


We value your time, so we make manufacturing process and other prducts as fast as we can because time is money!

Contact us if you are interested!

Limited Liability Company “L-Technology” has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.